JÒHŌ HOTEL Parking Service

Updated Date: July 4, 2024

To provide a more convenient stay experience for guests driving to the hotel, JÒHŌ HOTEL offers two parking spaces with free parking available for one vehicle per room.

Please note: The number of parking spaces is limited and priority will be given to guests with confirmed reservations. Please call ahead to inquire and reserve a spot before your arrival (do not note parking space requests when booking on the official website).

【Parking Space 1】

  • Location: To the left of the main entrance of the JÒHŌ HOTEL lobby.
  • Type: Automated chessboard-style mechanical parking tower.
  • Access: 24 hrs.
  • Time Required for Vehicle Retrieval: Approximately 6 minutes per vehicle (each vehicle retrieval requires assistance from hotel staff for safety purposes).
  • Vehicle Specifications: Please refer to the following guidelines for acceptable vehicle types:
Maximum Length 5 meters
Maximum Width 1.9 meters
Maximum Height 1.8 meters
Maximum Weight 2300 kilograms
(including passengers, cargo, and fuel)
Acceptable Vehicle Types Standard sedans and compact SUVs will be prioritized for safety considerations.

【Parking Space 2】
  • Location: B2 Parking Lot of the adjacent Mega Bank building to JÒHŌ HOTEL.
  • Type: Flat mechanical parking spaces (requires driving into a vehicle elevator to go downstairs).
  • Access: 06:30-22:00 (please note that security personnel are off duty during late-night hours).
  • Time Required for Vehicle Retrieval: Hotel staff will accompany guests to the adjacent building's parking lot to retrieve vehicles.
  • Vehicle Specifications: Please refer to the following guidelines for acceptable vehicle types:
Maximum Length 5.4 meters
Maximum Width 1.95 meters
Maximum Height 1.7 meters
Maximum Weight 2000 kilograms
(including items, fuel, and driver)
Acceptable Vehicle Types Compact SUVs and standard small to medium-sized sedans (prioritized for safety considerations).

【Parking Notices】
  1. Luggage Unloading: Before parking, please stop at the hotel entrance to unload your luggage. Our concierge staff will guide you to the parking area.
  2. Reservation: Due to limited parking spaces, please call 07-2355188 to inquire and make a reservation before your stay.
  3. Policy and Reservation Rights: JÒHŌ HOTEL reserves the final interpretation and allocation rights regarding parking regulations and reservations.
  4. Limitations: Only one parking space can be reserved per room. The hotel does not provide parking spaces for motorcycles.
  5. Parking Instructions: For more details, please refer to the JÒHŌ HOTEL Parking Guide and watch the instruction video.


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