JÒHŌ HOTEL停車場|影片|停車指引公告

JÒHŌ HOTEL Parking Guide

Updated Date: July 4, 2024
To ensure the convenience of our guests in parking, JÒHŌ HOTEL has outlined the following steps for using the parking facility.

Please note:
  1. Upon arrival at the hotel entrance, confirm your reservation and parking space with the hotel concierge.
  2. Throughout the process, our concierge will guide you to the garage entrance, ensuring a seamless parking experience.

【Parking 1】
  • Unload luggage with accompanying guests.
  • Once the garage gate opens, drive into the automated tower parking space.
  • After parking the vehicle, exit the garage.
  • Close the garage door.

【Parking 2】
  • Proceed forward to the first alley (alongside Mega International Commercial Bank building) and turn right.
  • Once the garage gate opens, drive into the automated tower parking space.
  • Driver opens the window and presses the left keypad to go to B2 parking.
  • Follow the concierge's instructions on-site to park in the designated space.
  • Exit the vehicle and take the elevator to the 1st floor, then turn left to proceed to the hotel.

This video is a demonstration of parking procedures for Parking Lot 1. Our hotel reserves the final right of interpretation and allocation of parking spaces regarding parking regulations and reservations.


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