JÒHŌ emphasis on healty culinary philosophy, using fresh produce from local farmers, extracting natural flavour of ingredients through delicate cooking techniques, presenting you with a SEMI-BUFFET brunch that is both pleasent to the eyes and taste buds. The latest admission time for breakfast is 11:00am. 

Lounge 14:00-21:00

(HAPPY HOUR:18:00-19:00)
The leisure space specially designed for guests. In addition to the exquisite snacks and drinks provided daily, we serve red and white wines in our special Happy Hour, so you can overlook the graceful city view with glowing sunset, enjoy moment of understated luxury to yourself. The hot meal is served from 15:00 to 19:00. The above charge is for single entry only.


The sky gym, a brignt and green space,
filled with new and innovative fitness equipments,
and VOCA natural pure drinking water,
allows you to enjoy a good round

SKY Garden06:30~23:00

JÒHŌ sky garden and lounge on the top floor are like a paradise in the city. Make a good cup of tea, sit on the sofa and enjoy the moment of tranquility against the stunning sunset; or watch a movie or read a book in the lounge area. Even as a traveller, you can still sit back and experience the purest form of leisure and relax.