Every Wonderful Journey Starts with JÒHŌ 

JÒHŌ-a joyful word, brings you the heartwarming welcomes from the locals.When friends and family gather around, we give each other JÒHŌ.

JÒHŌ is our name.
The local auspicious culture of “fortune, prosperity, longevity, happiness, and wealth” is where it comes from.

We have these 5 elements flowing through the spaces with modern designs. The use of color red, green and yellow, creating a warm vibe for our brand. Immerse yourself in our JÒHŌ esthetics, and enjoy an amazing stay with us.

“We wish you all the best” is not only the core to our brand, but our most truthful wish to you. JÒHŌ HOTEL believes in passing on good wishes through our warm services. Our butlers are thoughtful to the smallest details, our delectable delicacies are catered to the highest standard. The local hospitality and lifestyle are both embodied in our designs and services.

May JÒHŌ be the start to your wonderful journey.
JÒHŌ HOTEL brings JÒHŌ to you in our impeccable services.
We are here to present all the best JÒHŌ from our team.
“JÒHŌ U JÒHŌ, we wish you all the best.”